Sonixinema - Brute Flute (KONTAKT)

Textures of a rare double bass flute with real legato. Brute Flute is the first unparalleled double bass flute library in cinematic sampling. Recorded in exceptional detail and captivating with a range of cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and expressive true legato, this remarkable library contains a supremely unique and inspiring set of sounds. The third installment in our new line of Experiments, this library was performed by renowned flutist Gareth Maclernon, who is known for his virtuoso performances in blockbusters such as Alien Covenant, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mary Magdalene and many more. The library was recorded on stage in the heart of London using the finest microphones to capture the nuances of Gareth's exciting performances. Working closely with the virtuoso flutist Gareth Maclernon, we spent weeks compiling a list of rare and experimental double bass flute techniques to create a unique library. Capturing a huge range of never-before-seen cinematic textures, harmonic embellishments, explosive articulations and true legato, we explored whole new territory and unlocked the true potential of this magnificent instrument. The double bass flute, commonly found in orchestral environments, has been used in recent years by innovative composers such as Johann Johansson and Jed Kurzel to create unique and intriguing sonic worlds.
Sonixinema - Brute Flute (KONTAKT)File Size 3.01 GB

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