Klevgrand - Kanvas Synth Bundle 2021.6 VSTi, VSTi3, AUi x64 (macOS) - Full Version

Five unique synthesizers. Show yourself, Baervaag 1.2.0 - FM synthesizer with one carrier signal and modulator. Oscillator shapes can be easily modified between sine wave and pure square wave with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Jussi 1.1.0- emulates the singing of male vowel vowels in a unique way. With a set of powerful parameters, you can make Jussi sing anything from soft and airy choral vowels to cruel and angry screams. 

Formants are controlled by the Velocity setting, making it fun and easy to use with a MIDI keyboard. Pads 1.1.0 is a powerful and organic pad synthesizer. It is a wavetable synthesizer with a noise / grain oscillator and a pass filter. With a carefully designed 'wobbler' parameter that "detunes" waveforms and creates very minor inconsistencies between a few internal parameters and a good-sounding chorus, this synthesizer is capable of producing some really interesting and kinetic pad sounds. 

Syndt 1.1.0- high quality polyphonic synthesizer with many possibilities. The oscillator shape can be changed and supports changing the pulse width. Both the shape and width of the pulse can be modulated by two independent LFOs. With finely tuned low and high pass filters combined with a separate filter attack setting (optional velocity based), this synthesizer can create some interesting sounds. Tines 1.1.0 - Contains 12 different percussion sounds created from recordings of hits from household items (such as silverware, sofa, toy drum, or a pair of car keys).


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