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DDMF Plugindoctor will show what plugins do with audio signal. Software for developers and producers that analyzes the performance of VST plugins. The developers from the DDMF studio have released the DDMF Plugindoctor software, which is distinguished by unusual functionality - the development shows what effect the processing of VST plug-ins and processors has on the audio signal. According to DDMF, Plugindoctor is useful for developers and producers. Developers will receive data on all changes in the audio signal that appear due to the work of the products being developed, which, in the future, will help make plugins better. In turn, producers will be able to assess what the final effect will be with the use of a particular VST plug-in. Many people know that emulation of analog hardware in VST format introduces distortion into the signal, which marketers call "warmth", "vintage", "tube" and just analog sound. By ear, not everyone will be able to understand what is happening with the sound, what "colors" were introduced by this or that plug-in, how it changed the frequency response or twisted the phase. There are VST analyzers for that! Key features of DDMF Plugindoctor Independent analysis of stereo channels; Linear analysis of the input signal; Harmonic analysis; The presence of an oscilloscope that reflects changes in the audio signal in real time; Displaying the speed of plugins: how many milliseconds it takes to process the audio signal and what kind of delay plugins create; The ability to use a linear signal to evaluate the compression performance; Fully scalable display Built-in screenshot function


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