Audio Damage - AD044 Discord4 4.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Stereo pitch shifter using three different algorithms: "vintage" mode (original Discord modeled on Eventide H910 and H949), "clean" mode for more modern pitch shifting and "granular" mode for experimental effects. Each mode has its own advantages depending on the input signal, as a result Discord 4 has a wide range of possibilities. Algorithms P1 and P2 have full control over the size of the buffer (window) of the shift effect, for fine-tuning the offset of the incoming signal, or for innovative sound effects. With an extreme six octave offset range, aliasing and artifacts can occur with this control. Discord 4 is not intended for fine-tuning material - it is a sound design and specific effects tool in the style of Eno, Visconti, Bowie, or Dirty Mind-era Prince. Key features : - Three different algorithms Vintage, Clean and Granular to get different pitch shifting results; - controlled buffer size in algorithms P1 (Vintage) and P2 (Clean) for more fine tuning of the offset; - delay effect: synchronized to the tempo or free with a reverse delay (feedback, cross-feedback) and a complex bandpass filter; - Modulation: Discord4 has a pair of LFOs that can modulate the delay time, the amount of pitch shift and the center frequency of the filter; - True Stereo Operation: Discord4 creates a true stereo signal path, with fully independent control over each side.


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