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Esper Synth is not just a library of synthesizers or samples taken from soundtracks. It is sampled directly from painstakingly recreated patches on an actual CS 80 synthesizer, which is essentially the sound of the Blade Runner movie. The brass leads are the highlight of the library. In most cases, the sound level of each patch is displayed directly on the mod wheel for easy dynamic control (so be sure to tune the mod wheel if you can't hear anything!). The sci-fi style GUI contains controls for LOW, MID, and HI EQ, as well as attack / release sliders, reverb / space control and a button to toggle the patch from polyphony to monophony if authentic. Here are 5 versions of brass leads, 4 peds, 2 bell instruments and even the Offworld Percussion patch (inspired by the beginning of the Blade Runner movie). Perfect for Blade Runner movie lovers.

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