Rhythmic Robot Audio - Synthesizer 2000 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

The SH-2000's neat little monophonic synthesizer was in a sense a rather limited machine, built around a single oscillator plus a moderately noise-canceling filter circuit. Editing was very simple: a series of 30 colorful pedals along the front edge of the instrument powered the built-in presets, and a small panel to the left of the keyboard offered rudimentary control over things like filter modulation, wah, growl, and portamento. Clicking on them in real time while playing the keyboard could produce some surprisingly cool effects. While this synthesizer never intended to take the System 100 off its pedestal, the SH-2000 was fairly well received in terms of raw sound. It has interesting possibilities in the form of a random note generator and completely bizarre presets along with the usual ones (violin, tuba, French horn). Our instrument will behave and sound about the same as the original: single oscillator, mono, preset selection. But why do that when you can stack three presets, tweak them, tweak the envelopes correctly, and then play it all polyphonically? With this little mono synthesizer, things really come to life when you add waves and play a chord or two. All the little analog bumps work their magic and everything sounds beautiful and rich. In fact, you can even get some pretty cool experimental tones out of it!

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