Steinberg - Nuendo 5.1.1 x86 PORTABLE - Full Version

New features: • Recording with sampling rate up to 192 kHz • Up to 256 physical inputs and groups • Ability to use up to 8 external processing devices on input channels, audio channels, effect returns, groups, VST, ReWire and output channels with global and individual shutdown • 8 sends per input, audio track, VSTi and group • A set of tools for scoring films, organizing the recording of takes for different roles • Up to 32 marker tracks to mark every aspect of the movie with markers that can be sorted and filtered according to a variety of criteria • New ability to organize a group of audio clips in one package (Clip Package) with the subsequent ability to paste and copy the entire package • Redesigned MediaBay with improved preview and networking capabilities • Convert multi - mono files to combined stereo files and vice versa • New EuCon adapter for Euphonix System 5 consoles • Direct rooting functions for creating multiple versions of a mix at the same time • Improved automation system, summing bus automation • Separate editing of multichannel surround stream channels • Monitor matrix for listening to individual streams in the control room • Automated batch export for concurrent creation of continuous or location-based audio files • Display of waveforms of audio tracks in the main mixer Nuendo 5 • Redesigned video engine with an integrated player window • Accelerate and decelerate audio by +/- 4% and +/- 0.1% for precise video fit • VariAudio function for editing the intonation of mono tracks in the style of MIDI files • New Surround Panner V5, allowing for stunning movement in the surrounding sound field • Plugin Pitch Driver allows you to change the pitch within 24-semitones in real time • Functions of network access and cooperation allow you to use Nuendo to record, play and copy files from other workstations or servers (libraries) • New VST plugins, for example, De-Esser • Reverb REVerence, based on the convolution algorithm, includes over 70 room pulses • Corrected VST Bridge to use 32-bit VST plug-ins in 64-bit version of Nuendo under Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 • Full support for 64-bit processing under Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 • Award-winning Steinberg 32-bit floating point audio engine • Support for a wide range of audio signal input / output equipment, as well as controllers and synchronizers Add. Info : Nuendo 5 enables professionals in the filmmaking, television and media industries to achieve high levels of productivity, thanks to comprehensive functionality, high quality sound, speed, versatility and reliability, as well as the possibility of rational organization of the technological process for individual and group work.


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