Channel Robot - Folio Bass v.1.1 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Folio - Bass is a two-part romper that contains bass sounds. Our starting point is the 300 samples included in the Folio-Bass, which have been meticulously recorded, edited and processed using our tube-based analog system, including passing each sound through our dedicated 1970 Akai tube pre-amp and then copying everything through our Revox B77 draw frame loaded with vintage (but untouched) British Zonal 675 tape. It's a long, slow process, but we think the sounds are worth it. The Folio-Bass instrument then comes equipped with many "classic" synthesis controls such as envelopes and filters, and this adds additional Folio-Bass capabilities for fast and efficient modeling and modern, innovative and original sounds. DESIGNER page - Provides a complete set of audio shaping controls. And includes controllers: VOICE, FILTER, PLAYBACK Sound Selection - Over 300 sounds to choose from for each voice in an easy-to-use sound selector. Modulators - Some controls on the DESIGNER pagehave a small button either next to their name or below the value. These controls turn the dedicated modulator on and off for each of these controls. Gates - Folio Bass has 4 independent rhythm gates, two per voice. Each gate has the same set of controls, and for each voice, Gate A feeds a different signal to Gate B - so you can quickly get complex polyrhythmic effects. SENDS Tab - On the SENDS page, you can set four different effects per send. Each slot allows you to select any of the available effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser or convolution. Click on an effect name to load that effect into its slot or disable effects in that slot.


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