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We spend a lot of time searching and / or creating new tools that are not widely known and our next release is no exception. Basically, we were able to get our hands on a unique tuned percussion instrument that is made by an artisan in San Francisco (Bay Area) and can only be found in a few local record stores. The sound of Circlebells is a cross between the sound of Gamelan, Glass Waterbowl, Prayer Bowl and something extraterrestrial. Circlebells are made from a block of 6 steel cone bells ranging from 2 "to 3.5" in diameter and about 10 "in length. We spend a great deal of our time finding and / or creating new instruments that are not commonly known and the Circlebells are no exception. We managed to get our hands on a very unique tuned percussion instrument, which is made by an artisan in the San Francisco Bay Area and can only be found in a handful of local music shops. The maker makes only one at the time, so there are very few of them available in the world. The instrument sounds somewhere between a Gamelan, Glass Waterbowl, Prayer Bowl and something extraterrestrial. It is made of an array of 6 steel cone-shaped bells, ranging from 2 ″ to 3 1/2 ″ in diameter and each about 10 ″ long. Each note can sustain for up to 10 seconds or more and carries a deep blend of beautiful overtones. We recorded the instrument in wide stereo, very up close in a dry vocal booth. We very carefully captured a huge variety of articulations and effects on the Circle Bells, making it one of our very largest libraries. It's divided into two sections: sustains and strikes. The Strikes section includes soft mallets and hard metal picks, with a large array of custom-designed special effect instrument patches, light versions and special presets. The Sustains section includes viola bow sustains, staccatos and effects, as well as soft mallet and metal pick sustaining rolls and crecendos, all covering a wide range of speeds and intensities that can be fully controlled using the modwheel.

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