Hideaway Studio - The Orbitone Collection II (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Orbitone Collection II was conceived as an addition to the original release of complex warm electronic textures, made with unusual combinations of vintage technologies. The 1972 Eminent 310 Unique was a very unusual combination of organ and string synthesizer, but what was special was that it had a triple parallel analog chorus processor with 6 out of sync LFO frequencies, better known as Orbitone. It is this sophisticated multichannel analog effect that creates the famous 310U strings, which is why this particular and slightly simplified technology was subsequently used to good effect in the Solina and ARP Omni synthesizers. It was originally designed to efficiently convert one sawtooth wave link into three high-motion sawtooth links. Self-confident, it suddenly occurred to me that I had a fantastically rare opportunity to try and power a 1938 Novachord 346 through the Orbitone on the Eminent. Having studied the 310U circuitry for some time, I have identified a potentially suitable point for external audio input. To my delight, this has resulted in one of the most organic synths I've ever heard. Now armed with this gigantic analog effects processor, I was curious to feed many other sources into it, including the CS-01 mono synthesizer. As with Novachord, I sampled new patches that I gradually created with the 310U Orbitone along with Juno-106, CS-01, Crumar Bit One and Omega 8. Additionally, some new sampled material was taken from the instruments via analog chorus including includes a number of brass and guitar tones. Some of the guitar sounds were also created with the Minimoog 7751 and Bit One through a 1960s echo reverb unit. Another resonant chorus was done by feeding the Juno-106 to the Polymoog Formant. In addition, the organ combination was sampled directly from the Eminent and another harpsichord patch was used from the Polymoog 203A 3211. Orbitone Collection II uses the same proven 4-voice layering engine as in the previous release, but runs on a completely new set of samples created using a different combination of original instruments and technologies. In addition to a new library with 40 sample patches and 40 multi-tools, 40 more combo layers have been created that combine patches from both libraries together to form new layered tools and textures. The new sounds were presented as combined, allowing the user to access and use patches from both libraries as one.


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