Neural DSP - Archetype Nolly v2.0.0 VST / VST3 / AAX (MODiFiED) x64

The purest quintessence of Nolly's guitar amplifiers collection custom made with 100% accuracy. Adam "Nolly" Getgood stands out as one of the most accomplished and respected figures in modern metal. Whether it's multi-instrumental work at Periphery, creating some of the most immersive sonic creations, or even creating the perfect drum sound, all Nolly does is complete with absolute precision and a seeming obsession with the pursuit of excellence. There are very few things that Nolly hasn't experimented with in his quest for the perfect guitar sound, even teaching himself electronics in order to remodel his favorite amps to fit his needs. When we found out about this, we knew we had to work together to bring his vision to the world. After countless iterations, listening to thousands of impulse response files, we finally turned Adam's sonic vision into the perfect guitar sound in one plugin. We are proud to present to you, Archetype: Nolly.

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File Size 190.8 MB

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