Roland - Anthology 1986 v.3.2 (CONCERTO) - Torrent

Sample Library for Roland - VS Concerto Eternal sounds for good reason. The library is inspired by the exquisite synth sounds of 1986 and beyond and the iconic New Wave, Rock, Funk and Pop genres of the 80s. While this synthesizer is a great addition to any track or composition that requires a retro vibe, it will fit perfectly into modern rock, ambient, EDM, or just about any genre that requires the perfect synthetic sound. This analogue masterpiece was known for its warmth, fullness and class; it boasts some of the richest string, pad and bass tones ever produced by an analog synthesizer. As one of the latest flagship analog synthesizers produced by Roland, it features warm, rich pads and deep, vibrant strings. Over the years, these tones have become the cornerstone of many legendary tracks.

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