Ben Schulz - BetabugsAudio Plugins bundle 2020.6.2 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

A set of plug-ins: JP-ME-1 - JP-ME-1 simulates the famous digital reverb of the 1980s, made by a well-known Japanese manufacturer. Contains twelve iconic sounds that can be triggered by six buttons. Oszillos Mega Scope- BPM synchronized oscilloscope with support for multiple inputs. Supports visualization of signals. Useful in a variety of situations such as compressor tuning, sound development, drum programming, etc. RedVerb - RedVerb 2 is an incredibly versatile reverb effect that comes with thousands of top-tier presets. It is a hybrid engine and well-designed user interface that allows you to tweak all audio aspects intuitively. Classic, modern, experimental reverb. The choice is yours! Spectrum- allows you to check the frequency content of your mixes. Ideal to find conflicting frequencies and clean up your mix. Supports multi-channel input: just place an instance on your main bus and route the audio tracks you want to test in Spectrum. Supports displaying the frequency spectrum as a spectroscope or spectrogram.

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