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The same acoustic guitar that was used in the first incarnation of Kryptar + the old grand piano was chosen as the main instruments for the Eternal Light. These two are the core of the library. But the crypt idea was definitely asking for more. This is why you will find more varied sounds here. Sounds like church bells, dripping water, sounds of crickets in the night or creaks, burning when needed can add a lot of feelings. I hope you will like it! Who is this library for? Anyone who loves not perfect (in an amicable and creative) sound of guitar and piano. everyone who likes a slightly different approach to sampling - not the most perfect grip of the instrument, but a stronger atmosphere, a mood that influences and inspires. Anyone who likes to create soundscapes, "sound situations" who like to combine the sounds of an instrument with non-musical elements. And of course for all Atom Hub fans! A Few Words on Guitar Sounds Two basic sets of guitar sounds were taken — basic, direct tones played with daggers and natural vibrato tones . Also, the base ones were looped and reversed. There are two sets vibrato patches - Regular and Regular B - these are just tones from one pattern set in three tone groups. (Otherwise there are three sets in three groups aka 3x round robin. The reason since this change was to achieve a more uniform, predictable vibrato section, next to the more organic first one) Then you will find 5 guitar tips derived from guitar sounds ... They got stuck too. piano The old grand piano was selected in one set, which was then divided into three (round robin) groups. Since there are no dynamic layer samples, the EQ filter was used in conjunction with the dynamics of your playing to gradually increase the frequencies. This patch is called Piano Basic (+ Panoramic, ... etc.) For a more tonal variety, there are also patches labeled RAW - no filter has been added here and you will hear a raw grand piano sound as sampled. "Panoramic" sets means that the samples have been placed from left to right in the panorama - again for the sake of better variety. Likewise, you will find some piano sounds here called Pianero. FX Sounds of rain, dripping, boiling water, screeching, creaking, fireplace sounds, footsteps, old woman whispers, nail scratches, metal bangs ... have been added for the sake of setting the RIGHT friendly atmosphere.


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