Kush Audio - AR-1 1.0.4 VST, AAX x64

A virtual simulator of a rare tube compressor AR1 has been released With its roots in Abbey Road and 50s American rock, the Variable-Mu Compressor Plugin is designed for analog lovers all over the world. The AR-1 is a tube compressor that has its roots in the raucous sound of 50s America rock and roll, but still has the chic British image that brought it to Abbey Road Studios in the late 60s, especially in the music scene. the market, later the Beatles and earlier Pink Floyd recordings. Kush meticulously captured the sweet interference of AR-1 lamps and then added over half a dozen significant UI and functionality improvements. As a result, emulation is as voluminous as the source, but 10 times more flexible.

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File Size 30.4 M

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