Ocean Veau - Animvl (ElectraX Bank) (SYNTH PRESET) - Torrent

Ocean is back to make history with ANIMVL. Recorded entirely from animals live in nature, this XP is definitely one of a kind. From whales to dolphins, seals, wolves, cats, dogs and even bees and more. ANIMVL is the most unique XP on the market today. If you want to be one step ahead and create sounds and atmosphere that no one else has ever heard, ANIMVL is definitely for you. Each sound is unique and quirky, yet still fits seamlessly into the modern landscape or genre you are counting on. ANIMVL meets all user expectations so that he can create musical fireworks with ease. As always, remember, life is a beach, so catch the waves and enjoy your vacation. 50 brand new patches.

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File Size 23.1 MB

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