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The main sound source of the K 101 Keyboard is a vintage Casio CZ-101 keyboard, complemented by several sounds from the Casio PT-10. You can lose yourself temporarily simply by playing these analog sounds, inspired by its characteristic features that are both warm and raw. The design of the K 101 is based on 2 sound slots, each of which can supply one of 47 sound sources and has a separate volume and pan control. In addition, the first slot is provided with an additional pitch control from -12 to 12. We captured 47 individually designed sounds from the original keyboards. We looped them into loops, reworked them and expanded the range of keys C0-C6. In order to shape the final sound, the K 101 is provided with a large number of sound options: l sound, K 101 provides plenty of sound options: 3 EQ´s called "FILTER", "A.FLT" and "HIFI" rotary-, twang- and distortion-fx reverb and delay 2 different volume envelopes, called "PAD" and "SQR" The K 101 provides 55 presets that cover a range of pianos, basses, pads, organs and Fx sounds. To keep your own settings, simply save the patch under a different name on your hard drive. The special "RANDOM" function allows you to randomly set preset selection, effects, panning and volume parameters.

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