Sly-Fi Digital - Axis EQ 1.0.6 VST, AAX x64

There's a reason the equalizer that inspired this plugin has withstood 45 years of musical fashion and trends: it does everything to sound right. But even the stunning classics are not immune to my interfering tastes! First, the curves of this EQ are slightly steeper than those of the original. Then I added a Saturation knob to overload the tuned op amp. This knob creates a very creamy, full-bodied distortion, and I often use Sat as such, no EQ. It's a bold and very distinctive Sly-Fi sound! Stepped / fixed controls might be perfect, or they might get in my way, so I added a UBK mode in which all the frequency and gain controls move freely; I like to set this magic equalizer. Finally, I've included Classic A Mode and Modern B Mode on the UBK Mode switch so you can choose the one that works best for each track. At the request of Chad Blake, Axis can now transfer your settings from A or B mode directly to UBK mode for fine tuning.
Sly-Fi Digital - Axis EQ 1.0.6 VST, AAX x64File Size 9.5 MB

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