Line6 Helix Native v3.0 CE VST, VST3, AAX x64

Guitar hardware and plugin manufacturer Line 6 has released Helix Native. The plugin can interact with the Helix hardware solution and provides full portability of settings, presets and set lists. The program can be used by both guitarists and any other musician to create experimental sounds and special effects. Helix Native accurately simulates the behavior of many vintage and modern amps, speakers, microphones and effects, and allows you to quickly access the entire signal processing chain to make the necessary adjustments. The plug-in includes 62 amplifiers, 37 cabinets, 16 microphones and over 100 effects. The program supports the ability to load third-party IRs pulses, move microphones relative to cabinets, control automation using MIDI cards from a workstation. Line 6 Helix Native can be used in most popular DAWs and is available in AAX, VST and VST3 formats

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File Size 29.1 MB

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