IK Multimedia - T-RackS 5 MAX 5.6.0 STANDALONE, AU, VST2, VST3 x64 (macOS) - Full Version

MAX is everything for you. 38 high quality audio processors! Pump your mixes and masters to the max with the T-RackS 5 MAX! Welcome to the complete package of mixing and mastering tools for producers and studio professionals. Powerful processing for mixing and mastering is one click away. The T-RackS 5 MAX collection contains 38 superb modules that range from compressors and limiters to EQs, channel strips, reverbs, and more. All modules have been modeled on some of the most requested analog devices of all time due to their unique sonic character. ... The T-RackS 5 MAX is a must-have toolkit for demanding producers, engineers and musicians looking to shape individual tracks and complete mixes using some of the most popular bestselling plugins. T-RackS MAX is not only an excellent choice, but also the most economical solution on the market; in other words, you get a complete recording studio for an amount that won't hurt your bank account and that is unmatched in the audio equipment market. Maximum choice- T-RackS 5 MAX - these are 38 processors, which include the already modern classics multiband Quad Lim and the newcomer Stealth Limiter and the already well-known favorites White 2A, VC-670, EQ P73, as well as 4 completely new modules - Master Match , Dyna-Mu, ONE and EQual. It's a studio full of powerful tools of all kinds that will take your mastering and mixing skills to the next level. Absolute power- Highest realism, unrivaled performance and undeniably great sound. The T-RackS MAX processors have everything you need for top-notch mixing and mastering. Each model is equipped with a redesigned, scalable, intuitive interface to match the original analog devices used in the best professional recording and mastering studios around the world. Each module can be used by itself as a plug-in within a DAW, or as part of a stand-alone application environment. In addition to its extensive collection of processors, the T-RackS 5 MAX includes a new set of meters that meet broadcast standards, giving you absolutely everything you need to create great-sounding masters that will broadcast beautifully on any medium. Click here to learn more about the creative power of T-RackS 5. Signature Presets from Leading Sound Engineers - Not only have we collected an incredible amount of features in the new T-RackS 5, but we have teamed up with some of the best engineers in the industry to bring you presets that you can apply it in your work, thus using the same approach that defined the sound of the work of these incredibly gifted studio giants. While we cannot guarantee that you will be nominated for or win a Grammy® next year, we can assure you that the results you achieve will undoubtedly be worth it.


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