Impact Soundworks - Groove Bias (KONTAKT, LOGIC) - Full Version

Impact Soundworks - Groove Bias: A truly vintage drum sound The goal of Groove Bias was to create a set of detailed and authentic sampled acoustic drums, inspired by the classic 50s, 60s and 70s recordings and timeless breakbeats we all know and love. For decades, these sounds have been imitated and sampled over and over again, but many sample makers have chosen to try and sample older instruments using modern recording techniques and technologies. The idea of ​​our library is diametrically opposite. Our motto was "the more pipes the better", and we armed ourselves to the teeth with battered microphones, analog equipment, vintage drums and tape machines. Groove Bias fits a wide range of genres due to the way we designed and recorded it. We spent more than eight months in the meticulous recording and editing process, with entire recording sessions wiping out before we were finally satisfied with at least one snare sound. The result is the most funky and fattest acoustic drum sampler library available. You can also evaluate and test Groove Bias for free and use it in any of your compositions using the mini version of the library available for download on the developer's site. The library contains about 4000 samples (4 gigabytes) and includes three user drum kits and a percussion kit. Sampled content includes five snares, four bass drums, nine toms, three hets (closed, free, open, pedal), two rides, two crashes, two splashes, two rims, claps, tambourine, shaker, agogo , bongos, woodblocks, bell and triangle. Unlike the various huge libraries on the market, Groove Bias makes it easy to mix, combining microphones into separate patches. Despite the lo-fidelity of recording techniques and the use of old-school, vintage equipment and instruments, all audio material for this project was recorded, edited and saved in Pro Tools in 24-bit, 96 kHz quality. Samples are a mix of mono and stereo where appropriate. Each patch has at least five round robin and five levels of dynamics, up to sixteen levels of dynamics and ten times round robin for some patches, such as the snare drum. All patches in the library are divided into two main types: component patches, which contain individual parts of each kit, for example, one snare drum, and full patches, which contain complete drum kits. Component patches allow the user to easily create their own kit, and combine drum kit elements based on their own tastes and preferences, while full bundled and multi-patches provide a ready-to-use, quick launch option. The Groove Bias sample library is available for purchase from the manufacturer's website for $ 79. You will need the full version of the Kontakt 4 sampler to use it.


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