Quiet Art - WaveRider 4.0.0 AAX x64 VST

Much more than just saving time! Wave Rider is an RTAS plug-in that detects the signal level of sounding tracks and records in real time the amount of automation and information about those tracks in Pro Tools. The main advantage of Wave Rider over standard dynamics control plug-ins is that it attenuates or increases levels depending on the input signal level, resulting in a smooth, uncolored sound. After automation, Wave Rider can be disabled and automation can be changed. Rider Mode - In this default mode, the Wave Rider level detection algorithm automatically raises or lowers a fader to maintain a user-selectable output level by recording volume automation to the timeline. The user can then change the volume automation as needed. Whether it's your vocals, bass, voice-overs or dialogue, WaveRider makes it easy to maintain a smooth and consistent level so you don't overcompress. Ducking Mode - This function will duck the target track signal by a user-selectable amount if a signal is present on the inserted track. The narration and announcements on top of the music that are heard on radio channels are based on key compressors with poor results, now it's cooler with Wave Rider. Parking Mode - You will find this feature in automatic mixer boxes. The faders are parked at a user-set low level when the signal is weak, and go out at full power when the signal is strong, maintaining a constant output level. Especially useful in situations where there are many microphones open and you want the clearest possible signal without a lot of background noise. Parking mode can also be used in situations where the noise gate needs to be replaced. The Trace function is almost the opposite of the Ride function. In fact, it plots the volume of the signal's envelope. This will help you copy the dynamics of the signal to another track. Very useful when trying to combine 2 sounds easily.
Quiet Art - WaveRider 4.0.0 AAX x64 VSTFile Size 17.1 MB

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