Toontrack - Kick & Snares EZX v1.0.0 (SOUNDBANK) - Torrent

Regardless of genre or style, perhaps any engineer will agree: the kick drum and snare drum are the two main instruments not only of the rhythm section, but of the whole mix. Kicks & Snares EZX is exactly that. A total of 74 multisampled and previously unreleased instruments, recorded at eight different leading studios in Australia and the UK. Taking into account the wide range of alternative settings and recorded configurations, you will have about 130 unique Voices. What makes this EZX even more different from previous ones is that each strike position has four additional channels with individually processed versions: Sub, Skin Low, Skin Hi and Club / Stick. This will allow you to customize infinitely and find your personal mixes for each instrument.

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File Size 4.72 GB

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