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MYSTICHORD is the embodiment of the outer horizons of reach and mystical sound from outside the sphere. 21 patches of mixed transcendental reality and the world of dreams, exploring the farthest corners of inner and outer space. Mystichord is the result of the accidental discovery of materials related to research in the obscure area of ​​sky physics by Dr. Milan Guertzig. Among the materials were several tapes captured by Guertzig on his psychogenic storage device, which apparently allowed him to collect and amplify sounds and signals coming far beyond ordinary time and space, as far as he claimed he was even capable of eavesdropping on "other" worlds. ... Guertzig disappeared into obscurity, escaping the communities of scientists and spiritualists, and when the fire destroyed the sanatorium where he had his laboratory, it was believed that all his research went with him. But there were also those (well, one or two in any case) who believed, and when the newly found records fell into our hands, we felt that the time had come for the world to know the truth. Mystichord looks and behaves like a vintage organ with registers / faders layering sounds plus various effects, offering a wide range of tones in every patch. Mystichord comes with 21 patches loaded with different sounds, and each patch has a snapshot folder (213 pieces), allowing you to quickly use them as a starting point for your own research.

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File Size 1004.2 MB
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(Extract with 7zip only - Ignore all CRC32 errors, Archive is not corrupted)

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