UVI - SparkVerb 1.1.4 VST, AAX x64 REPACK

With state-of-the-art algorithmic design, Sparkverb breaks the boundaries of modern reverbs by providing users with innovative controls that dramatically improve usability, speed and creative freedom while delivering breathtaking sound quality and amazing performance. Sparkverb is capable of creating everything from natural-sounding spaces to endless, shimmering environments with amazing depth and precision across the entire spectrum. Great care has been taken to provide a high degree of customization with the fewest possible controls, resulting in less time wasted and more time to stay productive. At the heart of the Sparkverb interface is a spectral frequency editor, use it to shape and refine your sound with phenomenal speed and control. Adjust decay globally and across multiple bands with multipliers and crossovers directly on a single canvas. This is a completely new way of working with reverb. Open up new spaces and explore the full range of sonic possibilities effortlessly with built-in mutation and randomization controls. Whether you're working with small ensembles, massive orchestras, sound design or anything in between, Sparkverb offers a unique experience and innovative capabilities to help you work faster, smarter and more creatively than ever before.
UVI - SparkVerb 1.1.4 VST, AAX x64 REPACKFile Size 23.8 MB

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