OverTone DSP - Plug-in Bundle 01/11/2016 VST, VST3, AAX, AU, JACK WIN.OSX.LINUX x86 x64 - Full Version

A set of plugins: OverTone.DSP.AF2-10.Bundle.v2.4.4.WIN.OSX.LINUX - Universal graphic equalizer with a wide range, zero latency, simulated for an analog device and with an FFT display. OverTone.DSP.DYN500.v2.3.1.WIN.OSX.LINUX is a high quality compressor / dynamics processor designed for use on mono or stereo channels. The plugin provides soft compression combined with a slight tape-like saturation-style overload. OverTone.DSP.DYN4000.v2.3.1.WIN.OSX.LINUX is a dynamic processor that emulates one of the most famous British consoles. The DYN4000 includes a compressor with limiter and expander and gate sections. OverTone.DSP.EQ500.v2.3.1.WIN.OSX.LINUX- Three-band parametric equalizer with low CPU consumption and high-quality DSP, compatible with mono and stereo operations, has a convenient and easy-to-use interface in the style of traditional OverTone consoles.DSP.PTC -2A.v2.4.1.WIN.OSX.LINUX - vintage equalizer modeled on Pultec hardware equalizer algorithms. OverTone.DSP.PTH-2A.v2.1.WIN.OSX - vintage equalizer, made in the style of hardware equalizers Pultec EQH. The PTH-2A uses the same filter emulation technology, providing separately adjustable LF Boost and Attenuate modes for the signature "Low-End" sound. OverTone.DSP.RVB500.v2.3.1.WIN.OSX.LINUX - algorithmic leaf reverb capable of creating a rich variety of effects

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