Mu Technologies - Mu Voice 1.4.0 VST x64

Imagine a plug-in that lets you tweak vocals, apply special effects, and add natural-sounding harmonics when mixing. Mu Voice is just that. It uses unique spectral analysis and synthesis algorithms from Mu Technologies. An internal latency of just 5.8ms makes this plugin ideal for real-time vocal processing. Key features: Intelligent Harmonization: The “Smart” Harmonizer takes into account such components of musical material as, for example, chords. The chord panel provides direct access to chords. When a specific key is selected, the diatonic chord progression is displayed. A four-channel mixer allows you to mute any of the channels. There is an additional adjustment of the channel height. Quantization of adjustment is possible. The Mu Voice corrector has two modes of operation: "Gamma": adjustments in the current scale Each track has a set of effects: panning, softening, formants, filters of various types. The plugin is fully automated. Presets are saved in XML format and, if desired, can be easily edited in any text editor.

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