roger nichols - roger nichols frequal-izer dynam-izer VST plugins 1.2 air VST, RTAS x86 - Full Version

This is not another multiband compressor. This is something completely different. Why are we forced to do the same compression at all levels of the dynamic range? After all, you can apply compression with a faster attack at high levels, with a slow release (Release) at low and medium levels left untouched. DYNAM-IZER allows you to divide the range into areas, each of which can be controlled separately. Do you have a good idea of ​​the compression process? This is probably not the case. DYNAM-IZER visualizes the process in a way that you have not seen anywhere else. Just as a good graphic equalizer displays all the nuances you need, DYNAM-IZER will bring you everything you need on a silver platter. Stop pointing your finger at the sky, now there is everything for complete control. Left channel, right channel, both channels, side chain - DYNAM-IZER can receive any of these signals to control compression. Whether fast or slow, it's up to you. You have both peak and rms analysis methods at your disposal. In addition, there are three filters of seven types. Dynam-izer is one of six new plug-ins from Roger Nichols Digital (RND), which now acts as the exclusive distributor and licensee of Elemental Audio products, the plug-ins' original designer and manufacturer. RND adds iLok authorization, operational improvements and Nichols' excellent selection of personal presets. The five other RND plug-ins are: Inspector Free, a stereo metering / analyzer system downloadable at no cost; Inspector XL, the full-featured, advanced version; Frequal-izer, an Finite Impulse Response EQ with spectrum analyzer; Uniquel-izer, a totally configurable equalizer with unlimited number of frequency bands and all known filter shapes; and Finis, a stereo loudness maximizer. All are 24-bit plugs utilizing 48-bit precision and work in stereo or mono to 192kHz and come in VST, AU and RTAS for both MACs and PC hosts. By the time you read this, TDM versions will be available. Dynam-izer is a revolutionary dynamics processor that will change the way you use and think about compressors and compression. Dynam-izer is NOT a multi-band compressor where different compressors work on separate frequency bands of audio. Dynam-izer uses up to four zone compressors and controls and graphically monitors their operation using a unique GUI. Zones are non-overlapping discrete sections of the input signal's total dynamic range each bounded by a user-defined upper and lower compressor threshold level in dB. The desired compressed dynamic output range for each zone is also user-specified when setting up this plug-in. As the input signal passes through each zone, the resultant processed audio output is different - depending on the output level, ratio, attack, and release time settings for each particular zone. Previously, all compressors whether software or hardware are, by design, only single zoned. The FREQUAL-IZER offers you a complete FIR filter (Infinite Pulse Response Filter). See the results of your equalizer with the built-in spectrum analyzer. See? The FREQUAL-IZER does not distort your sound or add non-linear phase shifts. Have you always wanted to make all your tracks sound the same? Or maybe you need to bring the tracks recorded in different places to a common denominator? The FREQUAL-IZER Spectrum Comparison option lets you do this and more! Study the spectral response of your sources and apply them to others in order to achieve similar sound or for creative purposes. Use 50 memorized states FREQUAL-IZER in order to instantly apply them, including using automation. Copy, add new, delete states in order to fill all empty states of FREQUAL-IZER. Besides, it is possible to transfer states between several equalizers. It is very convenient to work with states using the States Overview to view all 50 available states. Detailed history recording and two work areas allow you to easily compare different equalizers. Edit each channel individually or choose from four connection modes to see how changes in one channel affect other channels. Scale, smooth or deform the entire frequency response curve. Increase / decrease of the level is possible by +/- 18 decibels. Tune your spectrum analyzer to see only what interests you.

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