Puremagnetik - Clusters | Harmonic Tremolo Shaper 1.0.1 VST, AU WIN.OSX x64

Harmonic tremolo shaper. Clusters is a creative modulation tool that shapes the incoming sound for dynamic ripple, shimmer, and oscillation. It uses the traditional tremolo signal path, which can be supplemented with ring modulation, bandwidth offset, and signal motion control. Flux- The Flux knob adjusts the amount of tremolo. This creates dynamically changing signals that modulate the amplitude of the incoming sound. Turn it on for complex and interesting syncope and rhythmic variations. Overclock - Turn tremolo into ring modulation. Overclock multiplies the tremolo frequency up to ten times. Use it to create harmonics, interesting overtones, and additional voices. Crossover & Animation- The crossover splits the frequency of the incoming audio into two separate signal paths. The low frequency signal path is modulated at half rate, slightly out of phase with the higher frequency signal path. This creates nuances of movement within the sound - the two parts move together, but with slight fluctuations in speed. The Animation control further modifies this behavior by modulating the crossover frequency. This effect creates everything from subtle phase to more radical experimental effects. - Tremolo effect with multiple modulation options - Frequency crossover for band-splitting modulation - Tremolo waveform shaping and ring modulation - Integrates into any VST / Audio Units compatible host - Includes a collection of factory presets

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