SONiVOX - FlyingHand Percussion (KONTAKT) REPACK - Full Version

The original library is built in such a way that all samples are "inside" each instrument - in the nki file itself. This creates some unpleasant moments. First, the library takes a long time to load. Secondly, in the light version of the instrument (marked "No_Alt"), as well as in the factory multi-instruments (Tight Group, Shadow Group, etc.), there are the same samples as in the full versions with all articulations. As a result, we have a whole bunch of duplicate NOT compressed samples that uselessly clutter our disk. Thirdly, the manual indicates that it is optimal to simultaneously use different recording perspectives of one instrument, for example: Djembe Ambience + Djembe_Top + Djembe_Bottom. In fact, there are no such multi-instruments in the Bible, although it is in this combination that a juicy and voluminous sound is achieved. Fourthly, given that the vast majority are now using the 5th version of Kotact, it is logical to keep the samples in the compressed ncw format. In this repack, all these shortcomings are fixed, as a result of which it was possible to reduce the volume by almost 4 times without any damage to the contents of the library. I must say that the conversion was carried out for a long time and tediously completely in manual mode, because the names of samples in different perspectives of one instrument are absolutely identical.

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File Size 4.52 GB
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