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Rumba Boxes are a creative assortment of large wooden bass kalimbs created by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. This library features 2 unique handcrafted tools with memorable shapes and mechanics. They have a rich acoustic essence that resonates brightly in every note. We've included a wide variety of playable articulations, sound design textures, pads, drones, and multiple microphone options to give you new musical inspiration. Rumba Box is the name used in the English speaking Caribbean for bass kalimba. Usually, the player sits on the box, extending his hand between his legs to pluck the teeth. Most are chromatic, with spring steel bar teeth. Some of the prongs have been reshaped to adjust the setting of the most prominent overtone in relation to the fundamental, making the sound more coherent. Some have cracked teeth. Wheezing reveals a reconfigured overtone and imparts a distinctive tint to the tone. The Rumba Box includes tweaks, picks and percussion. Arby McCone is an agglomeration of rumba, cajon and percussion devices. Originally it was just a rumba box, but it also worked great as a cajon - a wooden box that sounded good with a variety of hand strokes. Arbi is helped by sympathetic resonance in the prongs, which greatly enriches some types of percussion hits. Then Bart Hopkin added a few more percussion sounds, including spring metal and clave sounds, shekere beads, shakers, ratchets and a couple of bells. This thing is really fun to play. Arby McCone includes plucking, hammering, banging, slapping and lots of extra percussion. We've faithfully selected every interesting sound we could get from these instruments with two stereo microphone positions. Also included are a wide selection of custom FX presets and a host of our signature soundscapes created from raw acoustic sources to give you total creative freedom.


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