Soundiron - Hopkin Instrumentarium: The U (KONTAKT) - Full Version

U is a brilliant steel lamellophone created by master instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. Instead of one prong per note, this creation has 14 closely spaced prongs per note. Each group of tines is tuned to octaves and fifths in the range of three to four octaves. The sound is created by sliding across multiple prongs of a selected note using a thin stick-like plectrum. There are twelve such groups, forming a chromatic scale. Since each group spans several octaves, melodies can be played creatively by focusing on specific notes. Teeth are made of narrow stainless steel fixing screws, adjustable in length with hex nuts in the base. In addition, most screws are tone-tuned with additional hex nuts that serve as adjustable length weights. We started with a close-up of The U in wide angle stereo. For the second microphone position, we used a tetrahedral binaural microphone to give you a first-person experience with an intimate and enveloping sound. We've included a range of playable tuned and un-tuned articulations to give you complete freedom. And in the classic Soundiron tradition, we've also included sonic textures, pads and tones that take the concept beyond its material source and into the realm of pure imagination. They can be played, layered, modulated and mixed together with natural acoustic articulation to achieve an endless variety of new sound combinations. U offers you a wide, flexible palette of musical colors and is equipped with easy-to-use layer blending


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