Sly-Fi Digital - Kaya 1.1.0 VST, AAX x64

A gritty, dense motion generator based on a literally unique piece of Frankenstein's set. There is only one Kaya ... literally. S. Husky Hoskulds did this by taking an old Ampex tube deck and plugging the preamp directly into the head. He calls his unit "Pa" - a minimalist box with thick distortion and a very heavy bottom. I started with Dirt Pa, then added controls to make it more flexible. The triple treble control can change the balance of the sound towards the top or tilt it down into darkness. The Abuse knob does exactly what you'd expect. Blend lets you enhance the overall effect for more subtle changes. What I love about Kaya is that he is never harsh, he is always warm even when he goes nuclear.
Sly-Fi Digital - Kaya 1.1.0 VST, AAX x64File Size 9.5 MB

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