Chaos Culture - Isotonik Studios Modulat Max for Live v1.221

Modulat is a modular, node-based playground for control signals such as LFOs, envelopes, and automation tools. Most Max for Live controllers have many issues and limitations, taking full control of the parameter in Live. The signal uses the audio signals for all of its calculations and allows you to route them the way you want, giving you much more flexibility while maintaining the highest possible quality and sampling accuracy. In addition, it eliminates the display of nets where you would use an LFO for another. Since every display in Live introduces latency as well as CPU usage, daisy-chaining is generally useless. With Modulat, you only need one mapping to do your best. You can always add another signal and continue to expand the settings. In particular, when using multiple instances, you can use your own Lives routing to mix control signals, record them, and play them any way you want using a Session View, Looper device, or simply calling them with Simpler / Sampler. In addition, Modulat is the only device on the market that provides a workaround for controlling parameters in sync with Live by compensating for latency. You can read more about this workaround on page 10 of the user manual. Modulat modules are versatile; you don't need many to create something useful. With many additional functions that have not yet been implemented, such as bypassing the displayed parameters, the Signal is the ideal control device. Thanks to its flexibility, Modulat becomes a meta-language, you can create your own controls exactly the way you like without having to program them in Max. The signal takes away all the work, forcing the fundamentals to work, and leaves you only to make a decision.

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