Harrison - AVA LegacyQ 3.0.1 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Harrison Consoles announced the release of AVALegacyQ Equalizer, the digital version of Harrison's original MPC equalizer. True Analog In The Box's reputation and slogan stems from their unique developmental heritage; they first created an analog console, then digitized it while maintaining sound and performance. The new AVA LegacyQ began life as a digitally controlled analog circuit, and was later adapted to digital devices used in cutting-edge post-production and film machines around the world. A high-resolution spectrum analyzer is also available to identify specific frequencies that need adjustment. Features: Harrison's first full-featured digital equalizer as a VST plug-in. 5 parametric EQ bands with selectable shape. 2 filters. Harrison's 4-octave frequency bands. The high-precision RTA maintains full resolution at low frequencies. The EQ curve appears in the Pro Tools mixer window, as well as the control surface displays (AAX only).

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