Ueberschall - 60s Acid Rock Vol. 2 (ELASTIK) - Full Version

The dissolving sound of 60s guitar heroes 60s Acid Rock Vol. 2 is a hedonistic dose of '60s guitar rock. This release perfectly captures the fusion of psychedelic influences, virtuoso musical prowess and mind-blowing chemicals that could spawn an exciting new genre: Acid Rock. 60s Acid Rock Vol. 2 is all about attitude and sound frenzy, but with modern standards of high quality production. Oh, and without the risk of being arrested! This Elastik library contains 5 extended kits with original tempos ranging from 82 to 128 bpm. Each of these kits contains 3 to 5 main music sections with 2.6 GB of sample data and over 500 loops and phrases in total. Each set also includes special introductory and concluding sections. Extended chord progressions or riffs are everywhere, and along with multiple lead guitar parts, each kit makes it very easy to create your own perfect complete song arrangement. Elastik's powerful tempo and pitch change tools further expand the possibilities, allowing you to combine content to suit the needs of your specific project. The instruments are dominated by the classic power trio: electric guitar, electric bass and drums. For electric guitar, each phrase is provided in both a DI version and a mic amp version. The amp versions provide a range of rock-ready tones, from classic overdrive, distortion to full fuzz. Be it rhythms or lead parts, there are many wah-wah effects here as well. Of course, the DI versions allow you to add guitar amp models and effects of your choice. DI and amp versions are also included for bass and can be easily mixed to create the perfect bass tone for your project. Drum parts are provided either as pre-mixed loops for immediate use, or as separate drum, snare, hi-hat, toms, cymbals, overheads, and room loops. so you can fully customize your drum mix. The bass and drum rhythm section combines power and groove to create a truly insane journey. These builders are perfect for media composers looking to add authentic 60s guitar stage music to their music. Likewise, producers can tune all instrumental arrangements to inspire them for their next song projects. Despite all the sound of the era that turned guitar heroes into gods, but without the need for long periods of rehabilitation, Acid Rock vol. 2 is the perfect choice.


File Size 2.46 GB
Magnet Torrent

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