Umlaut Audio - MOTORS (KONTAKT) - Full Version

140+ impeccable presets for accompanying movies, TV and creating music for games. An instrument with exceptional rhythmic variability. Designed for creating tonal and rhythmic sound patterns. 3 variations for each loop - ideal when you want variations on the same motif. Unique Legato loop mode: Change variations on the fly with rocker switches, without interrupting the groove. Extensive range of modulation parameters via envelopes, LFOs, a powerful sequencer section and an fx section offering effects on the stage and on the send. Carefully designed to ease the workflow of media composers. • Clean and Soft Loops : The Organic Presets include Clean and Soft Loops that work best in musical situations where finesse is key. Shift the patterns in time with the layer offset controls and you have limitless rhythmic variation with the same set of loops. • Complex Presets : Complex Presets are made up of Looped Voices containing modulation and effects for use in situations requiring more powerful rhythm patterns. •Experimental Presets : Aimed at demonstrating the broader capabilities of the instrument. Using modulation sources and effects, these presets add a unique and original sound to your music. • Layers : MOTORS offers two layers of sound sources, each layer has a rhythm loop with 3 variations. These same loops are available on both layers, so you can mix and match as you please. Layer controls include Amplitude Envelope, Panning, Filter Options, and Send Effect Controls. A powerful combination of 3 variations per layer, individual layer offset controls and three 32-step sequencers are at your disposal, and fine-tuning loops to suit your vision is just a few clicks and tweaks. • Modulators : MOTORS has 3 modulators, each of which can be an envelope, LFO or sequencer. Each of these modulation sources can be assigned to multiple layers and global parameters for a wide variety of modulation options. • Effects Section : The powerful effects section in MOTORS includes a set of switchable effects for insertion per layer, a Global FX set and a SENDS section with 2 delays and reverbs. Their combination creates a universe of incredible experimental possibilities.


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