Digikitz - Tape Mafia 1.0 VST, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

Tape Mafia is a plugin that will add analog tape or vinyl noise effect and other noises to each of your tracks. We put 10 unique cassette and vinyl noises recorded in our professional studio into our plug-in. These noises are added only when any sound passes through the plugin. Tape Mafia also has a set of effects that only enhance the retro saturation effect. There you can take advantage of what we call DROPS, which will randomly muffle the incoming signal to emulate the missing information on vinyl. The TAPE effect will add interesting artifacts that you can control using three parameters. LO-Fi will make your tunes imperfect. This effect will allow you to add a GameBoy atmosphere to your sounds. FILTROUS adds an interesting filtering effect that will color modern melodies with vintage sound. In addition to these features, you also have access to a low and high pass filter, as well as features such as saturation, sound width adjustment, or volume up if it's too quiet.

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