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Simsimiyya is a traditional plucked lyre played in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen. It is mainly used by the Bedouin as a secular instrument. In Egypt, it is traditionally used to accompany a dance called bambutiyya. Articulations- This library includes samples from two instruments, one small simsimy (Simsimiyya I) and one slightly large (Simsimiyya II). The smaller instrument includes a set of percussions, while the larger one contains recorded tremolo samples for very faithful sound. Both instruments also feature a set of uniquely sampled electronic bow sounds. RR and dynamics - The plucked articulations of both instruments were recorded with several repetitive samples (round robin): x12 for simsimiyya I and x9 for simsimiyya II. Each instrument was sampled at three dynamic levels, which will fade out smoothly when played at different velocities. Playing Macs- this is one of the basic principles of playing music in Arabic music, implying in each case a certain type of melodic and metro-rhythmic composition development. Simsimiyya is one of the few sample libraries available that gives you the ability to play macamas. Our unique system allows you to use toggle keys to switch between different pre-programmed macs, and the Kontakt keyboard will update to show you which notes are played when you select. Effects and Controllers- Controls make it easy to customize various settings and effects of the instrument. Both instruments have the same range of effects: Chorus, Saturation, Delay and Reverb, each of which can be turned on / off independently. Other controls include Macam select and edit menus, ADSR settings, fine tuning, bow volume adjustment, and volume.

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