MAAT - thEQorange v2.0.4 VST / VST3 / AAX x86 x64

When cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Linear phase equalizer with unprecedented clarity. For ear mastering and other discerning engineers. Many master engineers, including MAAT founder Friedemann Tischmeyer, were fans of the legendary original Algorithmix Linear Phase PEQ Orange. Unfortunately, Algorithmix EQs were only available as 32-bit VSTs for PCs and our workstations, and our industry has evolved since then. Tischmeyer's students repeatedly asked for alternatives, which forced him to scan the market for other high-end EQs. Colleague Bob Katz recommended EQuilibrium, an insanely versatile tool that Tischmeyer used to teach. However, he was unable to find a satisfactory alternative to replace his original PEQ Orange.

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