Psychic Modulation - EchoMelt 2.0.1 VST, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

EchoMelt is a multi-FX processor designed to add character, texture and warmth to sound. EchoMelt can create pudgy "VHS" effects, swirling choruses, duplicated cosmic delays, saturation distortions, and similar effects. EchoMelt is more than just a lo-fi effect that can be used in a wide variety of situations - it features a 5-band parametric equalizer that can be plugged in before or after other effects, or even used on its own. In fact, each effect section can be used independently and each section has its own dry / wet mix in addition to the main Master Mix. Each section can save its own presets for quick loading of specific settings at any time. EchoMelt builds on Phonec's built-in synthesizer effects, but with big improvements and a few new features that make EchoMelt a great multi-effects plugin to add to your plugin arsenal. Five versatile effects that transform your sounds into something weird and wonderful. The Melt effect creates a drifting, addictive instability that will give your sound an instant character. Melt makes it easy to get the "VHS" effect, giving your sound the ghostly quality of forgotten formats and mechanisms of the past. It is intended for subtle effect, but can be taken to the extreme for experimentation. Swirling pomp - 2-voice chorus brings your sounds to life , adding depth and dimension. Voice split shifts the frequency of one of the voices, adding variation to the chorus effect. While chorus can make your tones soft and lush, it can also create some interesting effects with a little modulation. Cool Dub Delay- Dual Pitch Shift Delay Block capable of much more than traditional delays and can create otherworldly effects. Echo can be used for a subtle atmosphere or an endless and evolving sound source. Use phase control to create really strange sounds. Tune Frequencies - EchoMelt's five-band parametric equalizer can be a very useful tool for creating the perfect sound, whether it's vintage vibes, lofi tones, or just a bass boost. The EQ can also be used for filter sweep effects by assigning its MIDI controls to create pre- or post-echo frequency sweeps. EQ comes with custom presets. Insulate - EchoMelt saturation can be used to add a little warmth to your sound, or to go to the extreme for severe distortion.

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