BeatSkillz - SampleX 1.1.0 VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x64

SampleX provides sound emulation of a accurately modeled vintage sampler. Enter sample rate, bitrate, aliasing, input drive and filter to make it sound like any sampler, or create your own! Several sampler emulation presets are already included. In today's advanced age of musical instruments looking for the "purest", most "perfect" sounds, there is a sudden desire to hear the "gritty" sound of the machines of the past. Once upon a time, the trend was the acquisition of old samplers and drum machines such as the EMU SP1200, AKAI s900 / 950 and others. This increased the cost of these machines to tens of thousands of dollars. The sound that producers and performers look for in these blocks is usually low bit rates and sample rates, resulting in "aliasing" sound, or "artifacts," as we now call them. These limitations of vintage cars have now become highly coveted and in demand. Just downsampling and bit crushers don't sound like old machines yet. Our team at Beatskillz went looking for a real circuit and found every detail of straight A / D converters, pre-amps, analog and digital filters and processes needed to recreate each stage and create a plug-in that can not only emulate a sampler, but also create your own. sampler or vintage chip! The sample rate interpolation system built into the DSP allows you to use any sample rate from 96 kHz to 2 kHz. You can also "enter" values!

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