Arturia - Jup-8 V 3.3.1 VST, VST3, AUi (macOS)

The Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer is perhaps the least intricate. Immediately after appearing on the music market in the early 80s, it instantly gained worldwide recognition and, despite its age, is still popular today. So his appearance in the V Collection was predetermined. The Jup-8V virtual instrument looks very real, and even the "paint" with which its name is written in the corner of the case is slightly worn out. The front panel has controls for 54 synthesis parameters. The base part of the synthesizer contains two oscillators with a set of switchable waveforms, a mixer, a single-pole high-pass filter (HPF) without resonance, a resonant low-pass filter (LPF) with switchable slope (12/24 dB / oct), LFO, amplifier (VCA ), two envelopes (for filter and amplifier). Moreover, any of the two envelopes can control the filter. The original oscillator waveforms are small, but they can be synchronized and modulated to create many new waveforms. Frequency modulation produces not only noise and bell ringing, but also clear "glassy" sounds. As far as "sonic power" is concerned, the version created by Arturia's engineers also adds new synthesis capabilities, making it possible to create a sound that Jupiter 8 has never been able to produce before. These innovations are collected in four additional modules, which are available on the expansion panel.

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