Nembrini Audio - MRH810 Lead Series GUITAR AMPLIFIER 1.0.0 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Released MRH810 plug-in simulating Marshall JCM800 2210 guitar amp. For nearly 60 years, British engineers have made the history of guitar music. Perhaps the most famous of the amplifiers in this royal family will be the 800. It is true that there are many fantastic 800 model offerings in the world of amplifiers and simulators, but with the advancement of technology, Nembrini Audio is introducing a new generation of quality plug-in. The MRH810 Lead Series delivers 800 versatility as a plug-in. From classic rock rhythm, crushed leads, thrash tones that kill everyone, dirty gloom and more in just a few clicks. Two channels with four 12AX7 / 7025 virtual tubes, reverb and master volume are carefully modeled and fine-tuned. The MRH810 Lead Guitar Amp Plug-in includes a complete emulation of the recording chain with 5 selected and fine-tuned guitar amps, 5 microphones and a mixer section + 2 microphones, and our custom design noise gate circuit. You can also load your favorite impulse cabinet or bypass the recording chain section to use your real amp and guitar speaker system with the MRH810 Lead Series Guitar Amp Plug-in!

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