Black Rooster Audio - The All Bundle v.2.3.1 32 & 64 VST / AU - MacOS

The vintage breeze of classic studio gear combined with modern, easy-to-use digital processing make this set the perfect instrument chain for everyday mixing. This amazing kit includes everything you need. Edelweiss-72 : Channel Mixing VPRE-73 : Inspired by one of the classic studio preamps. CANARY : Transient processor. May be useful when recording or mixing drums. VLA-2A : Emulation of the 1962 LA-2A optoelectronic compressor. VLA-3A : Emulation of the classic 1969 LA-3A compressor. Cypress TT-15 : Guitar amp. VHL-3C : Analogous to 1950's HLF-3C processor. VEQ-5 : Analogue of the vintage Pultec MEQ-5 equalizer. BLUEFACE SC-5 : Emulation of the classic Ashly SC-50 Blueface Compressor from 1980. BLACKFACE SC-5: Accurately simulated classic super soft compressor. Magnetite : This is our homage to the sound of tape recorders. Just dial in the amount of richness and warmth you want with the Record Gain Knob, and Magnetite will add the analog tape recorder you're looking for to your mixes. VEQ-1P : A virtual simulator of the vintage VEQ1P equalizer that allows you to manipulate the low and high end of the spectrum without compromising the midrange. Black Rooster Audio is pleased to present Edelweiss'72, a highly dynamic mixing instrument set that allows surgical changes to any signal or blending that may seem limp, needs fine tuning or a decent finish. Where the input stage is capable of expanding a signal that may be accentuated by over-compression or needs a wider dynamic range, you can EQ your signals into 5 static bands with linear phase filters in regular stereo or M / S mode.

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