DMG Audio - Track Range 12/04/2018 AU, VST, VST3, RTAS (macOS)

6 plug-ins for professional mixing: TrackComp 1.0.2 is a dynamics processor that uses simulation modeling of four classic analog hardware compressors and has the original TrackControl 1.0.1 design - Panorama and stereo control in a track (including in M ​​/ S mode). M / S encoding and decoding. Phase inversion, the ability to swap channels. HP filter. Delay. TrackDS 1.0.1 - Psychoacoustically optimized processor for sibilance control. Side-chain 2-band EQ, flexible crossover control. TrackGate 1.0.1 - Unique gate / expander algorithms. Noise detector for automatic gate operation. Models of classic hardware gates. Very fast attack. External side chain for gate control. MIDI control. Two-band EQ in the side chain. TrackLimit 1.0.1- Low latency peak limiter. Independent processing of transients and other dynamic content. Suppression of inter-sample peaks. Transparent sound. TrackMeter 1.0.1 - Multifunctional spectrum analyzer. Display modes: Octave, 1 / 3rd Octave and 1 / 12th Octave. 2D and 3D spectrograms. Stereo analysis tools (phase meter, correlometer, etc.) Third octave RMS analyzer. Spectral phase analyzer. Chromatic tuner. Display of short-term loudness history and histogram according to ITU1770. Loudness measurement support according to ITU1770 / EBU r128 / ATSC A / 85 requirements.

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