Farrago 1.2.4 - MacOS

Farrago is the best way to quickly play sound bites, sound effects and music videos on your Mac. Podcasters can use Farrago to trigger music and sound effects during recording, while theater professionals can trigger audio for live performances. Farrago is always ready to help, whether it is quick access to a large library of sounds or browsing a specific list of sounds! Powerful Set Interface: Farrago's Set Grid lets you lay out audio exactly the way you want it. Arrange your sounds - "everything at hand" and apply as you want. Customize with the inspector: Use the inspector to customize the settings for each sound to suit your needs. Set the name and color of the tile, customize the in / out points, change the fade settings, and much more. Organize with Sets: Create separate audio groups based on mood, show, or any other criteria you like. Using kits makes managing audio a breeze. Sound Packs: The standard Farrago Sound Pack is fun, but you can create your own sound packs based on show theme, mood, or whatever else you like. Thoughtful interface: Farrago's tile-based layout provides an intuitive way to play audio using your keyboard or mouse. Global Hotkey Access: With Farrago's user-defined global hotkey, you can prioritize macOS X's responsiveness to keyboard shortcuts and then use them to instantly launch the audio you want.

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