Plugin Alliance & Elysia - Phils Cascade 1.2.0 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Phil's Cascade is based on vintage components combined into a truly unique circuit. The plugin can be called whatever you want, but not a regular audio processor. ... Phil's Cascade is an amazing toolbox that will open up the world to create the most interesting sonic flavors. The beauty of this approach is that it doesn't have to follow any rules at all. Phil's Cascade uses very interesting NOS (New Old Stock) components that are not standard for audio applications, and the new circuit is just a creative feast. All in all, it gives you a great foundation to create truly beautiful, new and unheard-of sounds. Now you can easily bring virtual and live instruments to life by transforming standard sounds into all sorts of grainy, organic and seasoned flavors. There are no right or wrong settings here: saturation, harmonics, distortion, coloration, filtering, interaction, whatever, and experimentation is as welcome as it is rewarded. Like every other plugin released by elysia, Phil's Cascade was modeled from real analog hardware. However, it was exclusively planned, designed and built as a plugin! Painstaking analysis and modeling of circuit and component behavior has finally made this monster available to your DAW. The equipment will never go into serial production. Most of the parts are so rare that they would only be enough for a few pieces, with environmental restrictions prohibiting their use in new products anyway, and the price tag for this beast would also be quite high, to say the least. All the components used for the Cascade were made by legendary brands such as Philips, Sprague, Erdmet, Wima and PSW, the very best of new old school stock.

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