Leapwing Audio - RootOne 1.2 VST, VST3, AAX x64

RootOne is a unique multiband subharmonic generator and shaper from Leapwing Leapwing continues to challenge the status quo with new solutions. With RootOne, they are releasing their fourth plugin, building on their existing reputation for sound quality. Like previous plugins, RootOne was born out of necessity and experience. As Leapwing co-founder Robin Reimers explains: “The three of us, as well as the other engineers we spoke to, were often unhappy with traditional subharmonic generators. They often cause phase shifting at low frequencies, resulting in a feeling of being disconnected from the original sound. So we wanted to develop a new approach to generating low frequencies. ” This inspired the Leapwing team to create their own analysis-synthesis algorithm that allows users to generate the purest possible subharmonics in phase with the original sound. RootOne allows you to set 3 bass bands with adjustable crossover frequencies. After carefully analyzing the amplitude and phase, each band searches for a frequency one octave higher and generates a pure subharmonic note in the selected band. Each band gives the user control over: drive: decide how much of each subharmonic to send to the saturation section dynamics: control how dynamic your low frequencies will be by tracking the original amplitude shape decay: form an amplitude decay curve from short-term to extended roll-off. Last but not least, there is an additional 4th "harmonic" band focused on the lower mids where you can add saturation. This allows low-frequency sounds to pass through the smaller speakers. All in all, you are given tremendous control over the low frequencies to create new musical possibilities! Key features: Unique subharmonic generator: patented algorithm for the purest low frequencies. Pitch Follower and Phase Alignment: Instead of a simple pitch shift, advanced analysis is used to generate subharmonics that are phase aligned with the source. Full Harmonics Shaping: The saturation module allows the shaping of the mid-frequency harmonics, allowing them to cut through smaller speakers. Absolute control over dynamics, drive and decay: Huge control to get your newly generated subharmonics exactly how you want. Simple yet beautiful design: Modern, resizable Retina interface and unique design for an optimal workflow.

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