HY-Plugin - Synths-Plugins Bundle 2021.11 VSTi, VSTi3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

HY-Plugins create unique Midi effects plugins, instruments and audio effect plugins. They focus on developing easy-to-use and inspiring plugins. Effects and Instrument Plugin Bundle: HY-Plugin.HY-Delay4.v1.1.6 HY-Plugin.HY-MBMFX2.v1.1.661 HY-Plugin.HY-MPS2.v1.5.4 HY-Plugin.HY-POLY.v1.2.7 HY-Plugin.HY-RPE2.v1.1.7 HY-Plugin.HY-SEQ32.v1.1.2 HY-Plugin.HY-SeqCollection2 HY-Plugin.HY-Slicer.v1. 4.3


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